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We depend upon our major household appliances a great deal for many tasks that we perform on a daily basis. We often overlook how much we rely on them for the comforts and conveniences they provide. Let’s face facts. Our living environments are much safer and considerably more stress-free. That is why you need a trustworthy company that will respond promptly whenever you need appliance repair in Stouffville. Since the last two decades, Appliance Repair Professionals has been that company.

Trouble Signs to be Aware of

We specialize in numerous aspects of appliance repair including clothes dryer repair, dishwasher repair, oven / range repair, refrigerator repair, and washer repair. We also provide appliance installation services and customizable preventative maintenance plans that can be tailored to the needs of any household. Every one of these major appliances exhibit specific warning signs whenever it’s time for you to call us for a check-up and repair. Here are a few examples:

Clothes dryer – some of the more common warning signs include door does not latch, error codes (newer models), humming sounds, improper tumbling action, no heat, stops working during a drying cycle, or strange noises emitted during use.

Dishwasher – signs indicating the need for potential repairs include dishes are still dirty after washing, door does not latch and/or drops open, error codes, excessive noise, indicator lights blink instead of remaining solid, and stops working during wash cycle.

Oven / range – if you notice a broken baking element, burners not lighting entirely, continuous clicking, delays in igniting, error codes, no heat production, or oven emits gas odor, call Appliance Repair Professionals to come diagnose the problem.

Refrigerator – warning signs that could indicate potential problems include accumulation of frost on fridge interior, clicking or humming noises, ice and water dispenser working improperly, not keeping beverages and foods cold, and water leaking behind or below the refrigerator.

Washer – whenever your washing machine displays error codes, has quit working altogether, leaks soap and water, is not agitating, is not draining properly, is not spinning properly, or the timer doesn’t advance, you should call us for assistance.

These are all very common warning signs and extremely easy to detect or spot. So at the first sign of trouble, call us for appliance repair in Stouffville and have a technician come diagnose the problem and recommend the right solution for it.

Services We provide

As with most appliance repair companies in the Greater Toronto Area, we provide the following appliance repairs when needed:

  • clothesdryer repair
  • dishwasher repair
  • oven / range repair
  • refrigerator repair
  • washer repair

However, Appliance Repair Professionals is not limited solely to appliance repair. We also offer professional appliance installation services that ensure the safe handling of electricity and natural gas when hooking up your newly purchased devices. Even as a skilled DIY’er, you have to know what you’re doing when you are working with any power source. Furthermore, you probably don’t have the proper tools that one of our technicians does.

Another one of the services that we provide is our customizable preventative appliance maintenance plans. These plans can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your household and the people living in it. We developed our preventative maintenance plans to save homeowners and renters money. You can prevent up to 90% of your appliance repair or replacement costs and improve efficiency 20% or more (improved efficiency will save you money on your monthly utility bills).

Home Appliance Safety Tips

We always recommend that you make sure your appliances have been certified and safety tested before purchasing them. The consumer is also liable for ensuring that the appliance properly operated and used as it was intended to be. As with other consumer products, all appliances are labeled with manufacturer’s recommendations for safe use and other warnings. While it’s always tempting to skip over fine print, this is one of the times you really shouldn’t. Remember, you and your family’s safety depend on this.

For more information regarding appliance repair in Stouffville and to discuss one of our customizable preventative maintenance plans, call Appliance Repair Professionals today. One of our knowledgeable customer service and support representatives will be happy to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment if necessary.

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