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Let’s be realistic for a moment. Without many of our major household appliances, we wouldn’t be enjoying many of the comforts and conveniences that make our homes safe and stress-free living environments. Even the most basic of tasks would be tedious, if not completely frustrating. You’d have to hand wash your dishes without a dishwasher or hang dry your laundry without a clothes dryer and so on. That’s why when you need competitively priced, high-quality appliance repair in Aurora, the first name you should think of is Appliance Repair Professionals.

Our company has been one of the most highly recommended repair companies in the Greater Toronto Area. We have over 50 combined years of experience and expertise installing, maintaining, and repairing a number of major brand names, makes, and models of appliances. We are dedicated to keeping your home running efficiently. Our motto is simple. “Provide the highest quality repair services at a price the customer can afford.”

Flat-rate, Up-front Pricing with NO Surprises

Many appliance repair companies still charge you by the hour for their work. So when they hand you the bill, it’s considerably higher than the price they quoted you initially. One of the characteristics or qualities that separate us from many of our competitors is our flat-rate pricing that we provide up front before we ever start on your appliance repair in Aurora. You’ll know exactly how much the job will cost first and won’t have to worry about any unpleasant surprises such as additional charges and hidden fees.

Service based on Your Schedule

With today’s economy being what it is, it’s no surprise that both spouses are holding down full-time jobs. Plus, in some of these households, teenage children are working part-time jobs while getting their education. We understand that people have extremely busy schedules and don’t have the time to wait for an appliance repair technician to show up in that 4 to 6-hour window that many companies give their customers. On the other hand, Appliance Repair Professionals caters to your schedule by offering more flexible appointment setting and give you a courtesy call when we’re on the way.

Qualified, Trustworthy Technicians

The security of your home should never be an issue when one of our repair technicians shows up for your appliance repair in Aurora. If we can’t entrust our appliances to one of our technicians, we certainly can’t expect you to. That is why every technician we hire must undergo a rigorous screening process that includes:

  • a thorough background and criminal check
  • alcohol and drug testing
  • past employment and personal references

Once they have made it through the application and hiring phase, they are educated and trained in numerous facets of the appliance industry. They are factory certified and licensed before they are ever sent out on their first job.

Guaranteed Parts and Workmanship

Our technicians have a full inventory of factory authorized, original parts that they carry with them in their service vehicles. Every part that we install is covered by individual manufacturer’s warranties. So if one every fails, we replace it at NO COST to you. In addition to this, we stand behind the work we do by backing our workmanship with the Appliance Repair Professionals 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with the work we’ve done, we will go above and beyond to ensure that you are satisfied before leaving your home.

Appliance Repairs are only the Beginning

We like to think of ourselves as the go-to appliance repair company of the Greater Toronto Area, the company that everyone turns to when they need someone they can depend on to get the job done right the first time. That is why we believe that repairing your appliances is only the beginning to what we hope becomes a long-term, trusted relationship with each customer. No matter what type of brand, make, or model of appliance you need repaired, we’ve got you covered.

In addition to our comprehensive line of repair services, we also offer customizable preventative appliance maintenance plans that can be tailored to the needs of your household and professional appliance installation services. For more information, please contact Appliance Repair Professionals today.

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