Washing MachineRepair

Washing machines, like any other appliance, may experience a decline in performance over time. When this happens, it’s essential to address the issue promptly to ensure your laundry needs are met efficiently.


Washing MachineRepair

Washing machines, like any other appliance, may experience a decline in performance over time. When this happens, it’s essential to address the issue promptly to ensure your laundry needs are met efficiently.


Whether you’re dealing with a blocked drain pump, a malfunctioning motor, or an unbalanced machine, addressing these issues is crucial.

Washer repairs can be quite intricate, as they entail the use of specialized components and tools. That’s why we suggest reaching out to a professional for appliance repair.

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When your washer refuses to drain, your initial step should involve inspecting the drain hose for any potential blockages.

Ensure the drain hose is free of kinks or twists, and employ a plumber’s snake to clear any stoppage.

Occasionally, coins or other small objects may inadvertently enter the hose, leading to potential issues. It may be necessary to detach the hose and thoroughly clean it out to resolve the problem.

To prevent such clogs, it’s advisable to make a habit of routinely inspecting your clothing pockets before tossing them into the washer. This practice will help you avoid the inconvenience of losing socks or other items that could potentially obstruct your drain.

To ensure your machine continues to drain effectively, it’s essential to steer clear of overloading it. Overburdening washers with hefty, large loads can strain and potentially damage them.

An alternative approach is to attempt to rebalance the load by combining smaller, lighter items of the same fabric type with larger, heavier ones to optimize your washer’s performance. Nevertheless, this can be a challenging task. For peace of mind and assured washer repair and appliance repair services, rely on the experts at Calgary Appliance Repairs.


If you’re dealing with a faulty motor, the experts at Calgary Appliance Repairs are at your service. Our washer repair services, along with our team of licensed and insured technicians, are here to replace your motor and get your laundry back on track.

Faulty motors can stem from various factors, including inadequate maintenance, foreign objects, and vibrations. Vibrations might result from issues like a loose bearing, misalignment, or even a design flaw within the motor.

Deciding whether to replace or repair a motor is a multifaceted process that necessitates a comprehensive investigation of the malfunction. By identifying and addressing the root cause, you can prevent future occurrences of the issue.

In certain instances, it’s possible to rectify a faulty motor without the need for complete replacement, depending on the extent of the damage. This can often be a cost-effective option.

One common issue linked to a malfunctioning motor is a broken thermal switch located between the Gemini dual-drum and the motor. This switch opens when the motor overheats, serving as an indicator that the motor should be promptly shut down.

Diagnosing an overheating motor with a faulty thermal switch can be straightforward using an ohmmeter test. If the resistance reading is notably high (typically exceeding 1 ohm), it’s a telltale sign of a malfunctioning thermal switch.

Clogged Pump

The pump in your washing machine plays a vital role in expelling water as it cycles through the machine. If there’s an obstruction, your washer may struggle to drain properly.

To inspect for a potential clogged pump, you can disconnect the hose that’s connected to it and visually check for any blockages. If you discover an obstruction, use pliers to remove it and then reconnect the hose. For this type of washing machine repair, you can rely on the expertise of our appliance repair professionals in Calgary, Canada.

Another approach is to employ a plumber’s snake to dislodge the clog. This method can be effective for minor blockages, but for deeper clogs, it’s advisable to seek the assistance of a professional in appliance repair in Calgary, Canada.

Additionally, you can assess your hose for kinks or other issues by submerging it in a bucket of water and slowly lowering it to the ground. If the water drains sluggishly, it indicates a clog in the drain hose.

If none of these methods prove successful in resolving the clog, it may be necessary to replace the pump. You can acquire a new one from your local appliance parts retailer or through online sources. Once replaced, reattach the hose and pump belt as needed.

Faulty Pump Pulley

When your washer emits an unpleasant, high-pitched whining noise during its spin cycle, it could be indicative of a malfunctioning water pump pulley. A faulty water pump pulley has the potential to overheat, leading to damage to the pump bearings.

This particular repair is rather intricate, necessitating specialized tools and the expertise of a technician. Our appliance repair experts in Calgary, Canada, are well-equipped to assist with this task. They will undertake the process by disassembling a portion of the machine to access the motor and address the issue effectively.


A malfunctioning drain hose stands as one of the most frequent causes for your washer’s inability to drain efficiently.

The drain hose serves as the connection between your washer and the external drainage pipe. It can frequently become clogged with small fibers from clothing and other items. In such cases, replacing the hose is necessary.

Before reaching out to a technician, there are a few steps you can take to address this issue. Begin by examining your hoses for any signs of bending or damage. If you identify a bend, attempt to straighten it out.

An alternative approach is to use a shop vac to vacuum the hose. If there’s no water in your vacuum after this process, it indicates that the hose is indeed clogged and necessitates replacement.

If your drain hose remains clogged, it’s possible that a kink is obstructing the water flow. In such instances, employing a drain snake can help dislodge and clear the hose, restoring proper drainage.

Additional potential culprits for a malfunctioning drain hose include a malfunctioning water inlet valve or an electrical fault. A faulty water inlet valve can result in the machine filling with water without the appropriate command, while an electrical issue can lead to the water pump becoming jammed, impeding the drainage process. Our skilled appliance repair specialists in Calgary, Canada, can visit your location to diagnose these issues and carry out the essential washer repairs.

The control panel in your washing machine is a crucial component, and if it becomes damaged or faulty, it can disrupt the proper functioning of the appliance.

If you suspect that your washing machine’s control panel is malfunctioning, there are several steps you can take to address the issue. First and foremost, consider reaching out to a professional for washer repair in Calgary, Canada. Our licensed and insured experts, equipped with years of experience, are adept at diagnosing and promptly resolving such concerns.

Another option is to disconnect the washing machine from the power source and replace the defective control panel. However, this task should be approached with extreme caution, as it can pose electrical hazards. After replacing the faulty control board, verify whether the washer operates correctly. You can use a multimeter to check for continuity between the terminals on the control board. If continuity is absent, the control board may not have been the issue.

Testing and repairing a faulty control panel in your washer can be a complex endeavor. In some cases, replacing it entirely may be necessary. To avoid unnecessary replacement, it’s advisable to perform thorough testing before making a decision, and to enlist the services of trusted appliance repair experts in Calgary, Canada.

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