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Our appliance repair solutions are designed to save you time, money, and stress. Whether you’re in a commercial or residential setting, we’ll dispatch a technician for swift diagnosis and repair.



Broken appliances can be a source of immense frustration. In such situations, opting for a seasoned appliance repair service is often the wisest decision. Our trained technicians are adept at swiftly identifying and rectifying issues, while also providing advice to ensure your appliance’s longevity. They are also skilled in safeguarding appliances against potential electrical hazards. Their proficiency extends across a spectrum of appliance challenges.

At the core of first-rate appliance repair services are exceptional customer support and transparency. Our approach includes a comprehensive diagnostic followed by a detailed cost estimate. Boasting over a decade of experience, the capability to fix a diverse range of appliances, and offering same-day service, Appliance Repair Pro stands as your reliable choice.

Considering replacing an old appliance might be a cost-effective strategy in the long run. Our user-friendly scheduling system allows you to pinpoint the specific appliance needing repair and select a convenient time slot. Deciding on the right repair company can be daunting, but with Appliance Repair Pro, you’re making a solid choice.

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A malfunctioning refrigerator can lead to wasted food and significant financial losses. Appliance Repair Pro ensures your fridge performs optimally with effective and efficient solutions!

Washing machines

A fridge that’s not up to par can result in spoiled food and unexpected expenses. With Appliance Repair Pro, rest assured that your refrigerator will be back to its best with our prompt and reliable repair services!


Ovens are a staple in many kitchens and also find applications in commercial and industrial environments. A range oven, for instance, combines a stove and oven in one unit. If you’re facing issues with your oven that are draining your time and wallet, don’t hesitate to reach out to our professionals for assistance.


Dishwashers not working as they should warrant attention. Frequent issues include obstructed drain hoses and leakage. Before jumping to conclusions, inspect the filter to see if it requires replacement. To accurately pinpoint and address the core issue, it’s wise to consult our skilled technicians.

Dryer Repair Vancouver


Dryers play a crucial role in drying your garments efficiently. Should you encounter any issues with your dryer, it’s imperative to address them promptly. Our certified technicians are on standby to tackle any dryer repair challenges you face, ensuring swift solutions.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

It is essential to maintain a dryer vent that is clean and efficient. You can improve dryer efficiency, protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning, as well as prevent fire hazards. Our professionals can help you prevent the accumulation of lint or other waste in your laundry area over time.


Dishwashers not operating at their best demand immediate attention. Two prevalent issues include clogged drain hoses and potential leaks. Before seeking professional help, it’s advisable to inspect the filter to assess if a replacement is necessary. To get to the heart of the problem and ensure effective solutions, it’s best to engage our seasoned technicians.

Dryer Repair Vancouver


Dryers play a pivotal role in ensuring your clothes are dry and ready to wear. If you’re experiencing issues with your dryer, it’s vital to address them without delay. Trust our certified technicians to swiftly and effectively handle all your dryer repair needs.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Keeping a dryer vent clean and functional is paramount. This not only boosts the efficiency of your dryer but also safeguards against carbon monoxide exposure and potential fire risks. Our experts are adept at ensuring your laundry space remains free from lint build-up and other debris over the years, providing you with peace of mind and a safer home environment.